modern wedding stationery


Break the rules...

It's so easy to fall into the Big White Wedding trap, but it's important to remain true to yourself as a couple and maintain your unique sense of style. Remember that you don't have to choose the big white dress, the top table tradition or a church ceremony if it's not what you're into. Hell, even the speeches can go if you don't want them!

No one should feel pressured on their wedding day and sometimes lowering your expectations in some areas (so what if you can't get Hampton Court Palace, or a fleet of stretch limos?) and spending on things that matter most to you is what will make your day personal to you.

Wedding stationery can be a great way to inject some of your own sense of style into the day. Be as tongue-in-cheek or traditional as you like - if you wouldn't use a rhyming gift list request on your birthday or for Christmas why use it here? Be true to your own tone of voice as much as your style: nail this combo and you'll have something really special that actually reflects you and your partner, after all it is your wedding and nobody else's!