modern wedding stationery


Bespoke wedding stationery - everything you need to know

If you’re planning your wedding and are frustrated that your perfect save the date doesn’t exist, no table plan will go with your dream colour scheme, or the RSVPs you’ve found are just not cutting it then consider ordering something bespoke.

At Sailor and Scout we offer every couple a custom design service, for personal design without the huge price tag.

It can be daunting to try and put into words what it is you are actually looking for, and it’s my job to work with you to realise your vision and bring your perfect stationery to life, with style!

Before I give a quote for bespoke orders it is important to chat to my couples (via email or telephone, whichever you’d rather) to find out a bit more about you, your wedding and your style, so that I can ensure your designs are everything you dreamed of. 

Here are some key elements you should think about when you order bespoke…


Having a palette of a few colours you’d like to see in the design is super helpful, whether its simply ‘neutrals’ or a daring neon pink and yellow combo. I can help suggest shades that will complement each other and fit with the style you’re looking for.


If you’ve got something clear in mind, then fantastic! It is helpful to share examples of work you've found that you like, and even better if you can attach a moodboard of photos or a link to Pinterest in your initial email. If you’ve not seen anything out there that fits what’s in your head then we can talk this through too and work out what you like and don’t. Try and throw a few key words in to your email, such as ‘retro’ ‘minimalist’ or ‘hand-drawn’.


If you haven’t got a clue - don’t worry, that’s normal. Let me know if you’re looking for brush lettering, calligraphy, a typewriter font or something modern, as this will help me to understand the style you’re after.


Again, don’t panic if you’re not clued up on paper types - this is something that I’ll be able to help with!


If you indicate how much you’re willing to spend at the outset I can quote some options that are within your price range. Even a bride-on-a-budget can get some really amazing personalised wedding stationery. Bespoke for all!


Let me know approximately how many save the dates/ invitations/ RSVPs etc you’ll be needing. Don’t forget that you’ll need just one set per couple or family, not one per guest.


Think about everything you’ll need for the wedding day itself (such as menus, place names, signs, order-of-services, thank you cards, table plans etc). You don’t have to commit to ordering everything at once, but it is helpful when designing to understand whether the stationery will be part of a wider set.


This one’s important! Have a date in mind that you’d like to get your invitations out the door, and I can let you know whether your design is achievable within your desired timeframe. Print times can vary depending on special finishes (such as metallic foil and laser cutting), so this is good to bear in mind. 


You don’t need to have everything written at this stage, but it’s good to think about the wording for your stationery early on as this can inform the overall design.

Drop me an email at and I will happily discuss any of these points with you (I love talking weddings!).

Once we have agreed a quotation and a small deposit has been made I will then get to work on the designs. I work with you throughout the design process to make sure that you’re happy, and the final invoice is not due for payment until the final artwork has been approved. Then it’s time for me to print your stationery and deliver it to your door! :) Happy days!